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Language Resource Center

Extended Reality (XR)

XR involves technologies such as virtual reality (VR, where you are immersed in a different location then the one you are in), augmented reality (AR, where information and elements from another lifeworld "augment" what you see in your current reality), and mixed reality (MR, which is a mixture of virtual reality that is augmented with elements from yet another lifeworld than the one you are in physically). These technologies extend our ability to experience realities that we could not otherwise. VR can allow you to learn about a new culture by immersing yourself in their world...from your home or from the LRC. AR can help with learning a language by using interactive elements such as text or images attached to things where you are to help you learn the target language. MR can really help you see how different countries live through virtual tours of their homes, restaurants and shops with interactive elements to help you cement the vocabulary and grammar you need to communicate about the things that really matter to you in real time.

LRC has rooms and equipment to support your XR needs:

AMB 2A (the Holodeck) contains a 270° surround projection that allows instructors to walk students through an exercise together before using VR headsets, or for students who prefer experiencing VR without a headset. The Holodeck

In addition, the Makery Production Studio (AMB 2B) has equipment that will allow students to create their own immersive experiences that can then be deployed on VR headsets or in the Holodeck. Coming in Spring 2023

We also have a floating cart for MFLL courses that houses 24 Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headsets, which support Google Daydream VR platforms. Netflix
“XR+HOLODECK If you find that you have any other hardware needs, or if you have any questions about how to do what you need to do, Shaun and Doug are located in AMB 11 and AMB 13, ready to assist you.