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Language Resource Center

Data Collection & Analysis

The LRC supports MFLL researchers with data collection hardware and software, as well as consultation on collection design, implementation, and secure data storage and management. In concert with OIT Research Support, we also support and consult about the use of data analysis technologies.

The LRC provides MFLL-specific support and training on data analysis using field recorders, open-source survey tools, and screen-capture software and hardware. We also have field recorders and capture hardware available for checkout or for use in the LRC.

We also provide MFLL-specific support and training on data analysis using Atlas.ti , NVivo, Transana and a number of transcription packages and accessories for digital audio and video editing and analysis. We also have transcription pedals, headsets and transcription software available for checkout or for use in the LRC.

If your research project includes quantitative analysis or very basic qualitative analysis, OIT Research Support provides up to 10 free hours of support per semester for research computing, software downloads, and virtual access to certain software packages of interest to linguistic, CALL, and humanities research. OIT Data Acquisition services include online web surveys, scanning and scoring scan forms, capturing web sites and importing third party datasets. OIT Data Analysis services include access to packages like R, SPSS, Atlas.ti, and QDA Miner, either as a download or virtually via the Apps@UT framework.

If you find that you need anything else, or if you have any questions about how to do what you need to do, arrange to meet with Dr. Canfield, who is always ready to assist you.