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Language Resource Center

Avant STAMP™ Placement Exam
(For Arabic, Hebrew, and Korean)

Departmental placement for the Arabic, Hebrew, and Korean Language Programs is accomplished through the The Avant STAMP™ (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) language test.

The STAMP™ is a web–based test with four sections — Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking — with test items based on real–world, everyday situations. Performance on the STAMP™ is rated according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

How do I take the exam?

STAMP™ exams are administered in the Language Assessment Center (AMB 7) in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Please click on one of the links below to reserve a time to take the exam:

Book now for the Arabic Placement Exam

Book now for the Hebrew Placement Exam

Book now for the Korean Placement Exam

If you have additional questions about the STAMP™ exams, fill out a ticket with the LRC Helpdesk.