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Personal Learning Environments

social mediaTechnology is changing at such a rapid pace that many new tools are free, simple to use and very powerful. This makes it easy for learners and teachers to augment their classroom experience for little or no cost. However, this constantly changing environment makes it impossible for even the most vigilant teachers to react and keep up to date with current tools. There is also not one solution that will meet the needs of every student and instructor, especially with the growing emphasis on providing students individualized learning. You want to design your own personalised space where you can access your favorite sites, feeds, bookmarks and apps. The LRC realizes that the best learning is where life, work and class intermingle and that you need a portal where you can find potential tools that you could add to your own PLE, to give you control over how you learn.

The LRC offers dozens of foreign language television and radio options in its facilities as well as links to hundreds of channels of streaming foreign language television and radio through the LRC language websites. The Center also holds online subscriptions with access to thousands of foreign language films. In addition, we provide a dynamic source for online resources for foreign language study, practice and assessment. The Center also provides technical and pedagogical assistance for the use of international media and technology as part of your personal learning environment.

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