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Better ways to LEARN

Learn Teach ResearchYou just stepped out of an exciting Spanish class armed with your textbook, workbook, and homework, but you want more — you want to understand the language more like a native speaker and really connect with the language's cultures.

But how?

The Language Resource Center has the tools to create the language-learning environment that works best for you. Whether it's getting lost in foreign films or music, catching on to intricacies through a favorite foreign sitcom or quiz show, or playing World of Warcraft in another language, we can have resources that give you exactly what you need.

International Media
The LRC offers dozens of foreign language television and radio options in its facilities as well as links to hundreds of channels of streaming foreign language television and radio through the LRC language websites. The Center also holds online subscriptions with access to thousands of foreign language films. In addition, we host and author several Wordpress pages in target languages, providing a dynamic source for online resources for foreign language study, practice and assessment. The Center also provides technical and pedagogical assistance for the use of international media and technology as part of your personal learning environment.

Reference / Self Study
The LRC offers its own library of reference, practice and self-study materials. Students, faculty and staff who would like to pursue or embellish their foreign language study through individual study can access reference and practice materials in the LRC as well as software and web-based subscription services for language learning.

Language & Culture Clubs
The LRC works closely with individual language programs to communicate information about foreign language conversation tables, foreign culture events, and film screenings sponsored by the Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures, the International House, and the University Libraries. An important part of the language learning and development process is the opportunity to apply one's linguistic and cultural knowledge in an authentic context. In addition to information about local opportunities, the LRC houses information on a number of programs that virtual conversation opportunities.

Language Study Skills Seminars
The LRC offers periodic seminars intended to help students develop effective study techniques and language learning strategies using technology as a guide. These workshops provide strategies to get the most out of foreign language coursework, and to explore aspects of the target culture that will drive you to better proficiency and a lifelong love for both target language and culture.

Personal Learning Environments
A PLE is a system that helps you take control of and manage your own language learning. This includes providing support for you to set your own learning goals, manage your learning, manage both content and process, and communicate with others in the process of learning. The LRC offers consultations intended to help you create and get the most out of your personal learning environment.

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